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Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners


Having sales when you are just starting an e-commerce business is difficult.

It would help if you started to have profits to reinvest them in the generation of traffic to grow. However, traffic is needed to earn an extra income and start making money in the beginning place. If you’re working to use Facebook ads or other forms of paid traffic, you may not have enough sales to offset this investment.

By researching and exploring different solutions to this dilemma, you have probably seen the term affiliate marketing several times. At this stage of business, you may ask yourself: “What is affiliate marketing?” This article on best affiliate marketing for beginners will explain all the details of this critical component to boost sales and give you all The necessary information regarding how to start affiliate marketing as a business. After reading it, not only will you have the required tools to know how to start affiliate marketing, but you will also get to know some of the best affiliate programs of 2018.


What’s affiliates marketing?

Ere we can adequately explain how to start affiliate marketing, let’s first examine the concept in more detail. Affiliate or affiliate marketing involves partnering with a more established e-commerce entrepreneur in your niche and asking you to promote your products with your audience. In return, the affiliate receives a percentage of the income from each sale it generates. Best Affiliate marketing can be an excellent channel for e-commerce entrepreneurs who start their business for the first time, since it is one of the only marketing channels where you can get a 100% return on investment, always.

Many of us at some spot have paid too much through paid traffic. We invest money in Facebook ads and take people to our websites, but we do not always get the sales we need to pay the bills. On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, you can be sure that all your income is real income since an initial investment is not required because affiliates receive payments through commissions.

Now that we’ve covered affiliate marketing, you’re probably wondering how to integrate affiliate marketing into your online store as part of your advertising strategy.


Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners


How to start affiliate marketing?

In the rest of this publication on best affiliate marketing for beginners, I will show you how to implement and create your e-commerce affiliate program. Also, you will learn how to partner among the best affiliates marketer and how much to pay them in commission.


Get an affiliate tracking system.

There are two ways to implement an affiliate marketing strategy: either join an affiliated “network” or create your tracking system.

Networks or affiliate programs are markets where e-commerce entrepreneurs can find affiliates to promote their products. While these networks make finding affiliates a bit easier, some also charge monthly fees, which may not make them so suitable for entrepreneurs at an early stage. Others take a share of sales, which allows you to have a positive return on investment guaranteed as a store owner. Some examples of affiliate networks in are Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank, Awin, many more.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Find an affiliate in your niche

Now that you know what affiliate marketing means, the next step is finding affiliates for your e-commerce affiliate program and promoting your products with the right audience of potential customers.

How to choose the best affiliate program beginners especially for those who are new to in this marketing. Affiliate networks provide you with your own tracking systems, which makes it easier to start affiliate marketing as a beginner, as they facilitate contact with the right affiliates for your niche market. The use of an existing affiliate network also helps affiliates and entrepreneurs track the number of sales they are generating. In this way,

Both you and your affiliate know precisely how much money you contributed to your company and the amount of commission that should get paid. The tracking systems provide a special sales link so that the Affiliate link can have detected generate income.

Another option is to create your tracking system and your e-commerce affiliate program, which in reality, is not as complicated as it seems. In addition to the paid applications that you can use to establish the bases of your affiliate program, in Shopify, there is also a range of free apps for affiliate marketing with many other useful plugins. Even the applications that have to pay come with an extended free trial period so you can test your affiliate program, make sure you get a good return on investment and then decide which apps are worth buying.

To summarize, the profit of using an affiliate network to find the right affiliates for your product niche is that you can access an existing audience of quality affiliates, classifying them among some of the best affiliate programs. On the other hand, the benefit of creating your e-commerce affiliate program is that you can have more control over it and you are likely to spend fewer fees. Have in mind that the downside of creating an e-commerce affiliate program from scratch is that you’ll have to find your affiliates, which can be an especially challenging aspect for those new to affiliate marketing.

Fortunately, if you already have a significant customer base, you can allow your customers to become affiliates as influencers, a common trend in blogs and platforms like Instagram. That can even help make them your brand ambassadors.

If you are using an affiliate network, the right affiliates can easily find you through the built-in search function. For example, a simple search to the word “clothing” on gives a variety of search results with the best affiliate programs in that category, along with reviews. Also, feel free to include keywords such as “run” or “CrossFit” in your search to identify some affiliates that understand your customer base well. You may already have a blog that focuses on your specific target audience.


Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Get in touch with an affiliate in your niche.

In the topic of finding affiliates that adapt to your niche, another way to attract members is to send emails to other entrepreneurs who are in your same niche. If you’re not using an affiliate network, finding other stores that are already targeting an audience similar to yours and reaching them could be a great way to start a profitable relationship.

For example, let’s assume you just opened a store that sells shoes and you contact the owner of a slightly more traditional store such as Amazon to see if they would like to be an affiliate of yours. You can also reach supplementary websites, for example, if you sell swimsuits, you can partner with a company that sells sunscreen or sunglasses.

Here is an example email them you can send to the contact of the website of a more traditional store than yours:

Hello, representatives of [store name]! I am a huge fan of your store, and I love the [XYZ products] you sell. [Talk about what you like especially about them]. I have a store called [name of your store], where I sell [talk about your niche]. Since we have a target audience and similar products, I think we could have a mutually beneficial affiliate association. Of course, I offer you generous commissions, and we can analyze other details as soon as possible. If you are interested in this collaboration, I can gladly send you some samples of products to decide if they are interested. Let me know your comments! Thank you very much for your time, Your Name.


This email includes some key things:

  • Do not ask for a big commitment in advance. Nobody wants to sign up to be an affiliate partner of a site he or she just found out about.


  • Offer to send potential samples to the potential affiliate. If you’re not using an affiliate network, you’ll have to work a little harder to build trust with affiliates, so they know you’re legitimate. Forwarding sample products is an excellent way to do it.


  • Mention that you would offer generous commissions. The better commissions you will provide, the better affiliates you can get. We’ll talk more about this below.
    Determine the commission percentage of your e-commerce affiliate program


One thing you should do before starting your affiliate marketing.

a plan is to set your default commission rates. Although these rates can be adjusted from one affiliated association to another, clearly establishing your standards rates will help you budget, as well as influencing who and how you will approach potential members.

Daily Affiliate List Payment Abstract Commissions, it is essential to offer good commissions, especially if you are beginning. For example, some fashion sites offer commissions of up to 10%, and some stores in the early stage would profit from providing even extra. When it comes to affiliate marketing as beginners, offering great monetary incentives is a crucial way to build trust and expand your advertising efforts by getting super affiliates. Successful entrepreneurs negotiate their relationships with affiliates as if they were gold. The more generous you are with your affiliates, the more they will want to sign up and sell your products. Therefore, this means that you will reach a much wider audience.

However, if you are still not convinced of the benefits of offering high commissions, remember that affiliates are not only providing you sales, but they are also bringing you, customers. You will have access to people to whom you can send advertisements over and over again. Recurring customers are 60% to 70% more likely to buy again compared to a new client, and they also proffer your store more word of mouth advertising. Therefore, please do what you can to foster a healthy and mutually beneficial business relationship with them.

In other words, you may have to spend higher commissions to get good affiliates in advance. This strategy is an essential aspect of having the best affiliate program because it will compensate that cost through the value of the life of each client. Keep in mind that, although I recommend offering high commissions, you also need to obtain a profit from the sale of your products, so make sure you do your calculations and organize your budget.

So, you may be wondering what other specific factors should be taken into account when setting commission rates. Look at the commissions as an investment for the future of your business and remember that affiliate marketing has a high rate of return on investment.

When defining predetermined commission rates, it is useful to consider whether your products can have variable margins. That can help you to encourage your affiliates to generate more sales in products that are already making higher profits. If on the opposite hand, you want to have a fixed rate, you will want to find a percentage that takes into account these variable margins. Instead of creating a single established commission rate, some merchants who work with affiliates opt for a row system where different commission rates are allowed to different product categories.


Completion of affiliate marketing for beginners

One of the best ways to implicitly guarantee the return on investment of your marketing efforts is to find affiliates that market your products. Now you have the information to answer the most common questions surrounding best affiliate marketing for beginners, use this knowledge to create an additional revenue stream for your business.

Also, you can use affiliate networks or free tools for affiliate marketing with Shopify to adapt the best affiliate programs to suit your needs. You can even set up your e-commerce affiliate program and attract high-quality affiliates to sell your products. However, of the approach you choose to take, when it comes to the best affiliate programs available to your business, the best results always come from the amount of effort you make to guarantee your affiliates have the resources they need to succeed.

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent idea to establish stronger relationships with your customers and other companies that you admire within your product niche. From these people, you can get valuable information about the experiences of customers surrounding your products and learn new strategies to grow your business. That is just a basic template to know how to start affiliate marketing. Now is the time to try it for yourself. We are sure that once you master it, you will realize that to get the most out of this lucrative marketing channel, the sky is the limit.



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