15 best SEO extensions for Chrome

best SEO extensions for Chrome
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Google Chrome is the most popular browser worldwide and has an extensive collection of all kind of extensions so that those dedicated to SEO were not going to be less.

In Chrome Web Store you will find many tools that will help you with your SEO tasks, With these extensions save your work,

we are trying to make it more comfortable for you to find best SEO extensions for Chrome and also these are free SEO extensions for chrome. If you are passionate about search engine ranking, it will surely be useful!


  1. SEOquake
  2. WooRank
  3. SimilarWeb
  4. Check My Links
  5. Nofollow
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. Redirect Path
  8. MozBar
  9. Web Developer
  10. Tag Assistant
  11. SeoStack Keyword Tool
  12. Link parser
  13. SEO Meta in 1 Click
  14. Spark Content Optimizer
  15. Open SEO Stats



best SEO extensions for Chrome

is the best SEO extension for chrome it is one that must be installed in Chrome. It is a complete SEO solution and it offers the possibility of auditing a website.

Analyze the page in general, reporting possible errors; and also provides us more extensive data on internal links, external links, and keywords. Also, it allows comparisons between several URLs.




best SEO extensions for Chrome

WooRank, one of the best-known tools, creates complete reports on any website in a few seconds. It offers exciting data, but perhaps one of the most attractive features it has is that it locates errors and aspects to improve,

categorizes the difficulty in fixing the situation and gives advice on how to do it. An indispensable for any SEO.



best SEO extensions for Chrome

This is another best SEO extensions for chrome This extension allows a quick analysis of a website, either yours or the competition.

It serves for the collection of data taking into account sources of traffic. results of these calculations can be obtained through statistics on the demographics of the audience,

Amount spend on advertising or the countries with the most traffic. It has a free version but also has a more complete premium account.


Check My Links

best SEO extensions for Chrome

This simple tool tracks a web and locates the links that are broken, marking them in red. It is handy since the presence of non-functional links harms the organic positioning of our site.



best SEO extensions for Chrome

We continue with the links, this time with Nofollow, the best SEO extensions for chrome extension that will highlight all the nofollow links that there are in the page.

It is a straightforward way to check the links that we have decided to hide from search engine crawls, and see if we have left any that may harm our SEO strategy.


Keywords Everywhere

best SEO extensions for Chrome

This tool is handy because if we do a search in Google, it will show to the right results in two blocks of data: one related keyword of our search and other Google search data how many searches of this keyword and how much competition is of this keyword, under the search box, you will find figures about the keywords you have searched for: the search volume, the CPC and the competition. In this way, if we are short of ideas, we can always use this extension to find inspiration.


Redirect Path

best SEO extensions for Chrome

Redirect Path allows you to check the status of redirects that have been made on a website. You can imagine the usefulness of this extension since you can easily see if a redirect has not been done correctly and avoid the emergence of error pages that will harm the SEO.



best SEO extensions for Chrome

This is another best seo extensions for chrome This toolbar will show you various metrics of the website you are visiting. Also, you can differentiate the different types of links on the page. it also shows DA and PA of your site 


Web Developer

best SEO extensions for Chrome

This extension is very complete and useful, not only for SEO professionals but for anyone who works with websites assiduously. Web Developer is a small toolbar that provides a multitude of information about a site and lets you know much about it through options such as enabling or disabling functions, highlighting certain elements … In short, it lets you play with all the features that make up the site to be able to explore it in depth.


Tag Assistant

best SEO extensions for Chrome

Google Tag Assistant is very useful to analyze the correct installation of tags on your page. By installing Tag Assistant in Chrome, you can immediately verify the inserted tags and if they work for the purpose we want, such as those used for Google Analytics.


SeoStack Keyword Tool

best SEO extensions for Chrome

This tool will be useful for you to do keyword studies. Just enter the terms and choose the search engine and language, and you will get scores of results. Although it does not provide data, you can export the results to other tools that have the option.


Link parser

best SEO extensions for Chrome

In this simple SEO extension you have the option to give a different color to each type of link (6 in total) and, when you enter a page, all the links will appear differentiated according to the configuration you have chosen. A straightforward way to check all the links of a website at first glance.


SEO Meta in 1 Click

best SEO extensions for Chrome

It shows the most relevant SEO information visibly and straightforwardly so you can check the On Page of a page at any time quickly.


Spark Content Optimizer

best SEO extensions for Chrome

This SEO extension is excellent to help you study the content of a page. Spark Content Optimizer will examine your content and provide you with analysis, in this way it will be easier to detect possible failures or deficiencies that may deteriorate the quality of your content.


Open SEO Stats

best SEO extensions for Chrome

Open SEO Stats is a handy tool that will allow you to see a large amount of data about your website quickly: traffic, loading speed, pages indexed by search engine, information about links … An extension that will be very useful for you to investigate in depth one page.


Do you use other best SEO extensions for Chrome? If you know of any other tool that is useful for SEO, share it with us in the comments section.

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