4 online stores pay cash for clothes

cash for clothes
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How to Earn Cash For Clothes?

in this article, we will tell you 4 best online stores which give cash for clothes 

Many times you’ve planned to clean closet? A lot of times, but never did? I tell you about myself if I start cleaning my closet I will have a yard of old clothes which are useless,

now days selling used garments are more comfortable it is not like before putting a stall out on the garage and start selling, in the digital world there are a lot of websites where we easily can sell our old clothes for cash, and in this we don’t need any extra skill like just a few clicks,

and your clothes will be sold so why are you waiting for let’s clean your closet and get back some invested money in this article, I will tell you a secret about cash for clothes


Place where you can get cash for clothes

#1, eBay

cash for clothes

eBay is the worlds largest online shopping website where you can buy and sell your clothes for cash, according to statista eBay have 175 million active users in 2018, and it’s awesome,

here is a straightforward process of selling create an account take few pictures to publish them, your item will sell in the blink of eyes they will have charges on every item 10% of the price here

also, you can sell other accessories like your shoe, and you can sell everything you want here this website is an excellent option for cash for clothes


#2, Depop


Depop is a well-known app for selling quick and best,
Depop founded in 2011 their headquarters is in London UK this app is top-rated in the United Kingdom they have 10 million registered users in 2018,

they charge 10% price of selling in-app you can sell all kind of clothes for cash,

Depop is also a social network one of the premises announced: ” buying should be fun.” That is why they have surrounded the fact of uploading photographs of things that people want to sell as if people published their photo on the app, other people can like or comment,
even if people don’t want to buy your product. you can chat with other users

If you have or want a piece of clothing, accessories or modern shoes, this is your application. Even if you do not have followers at first, you can use hashtags.


#3, Poshmark

cash for clothes

cash for clothes

Another way to make cash for clothes from your closet in the app called Poshmark. I have been using this app for more than two months now and have sold the value of $ 150.

In Poshmark you can sell clothing brands of women, men, children, wallets, shoes, accessories and others.

It is super easy to use, and you only need four photos of the product you want to sell. In this app, the buyer pays shipping cost.

Check your closet and select those clothes that are in good condition, which still has the stickers or the clothes that you no longer use.

The clothes have to be in good condition and clean. If you have any imperfections, make sure to mention when you list the product. Do not worry there are also sales of these defects type.


#4, ThredUp

cash for clothes

cash for clothes

ThredUp. The biggest store where you can get cash for clothes. For me, one of the most rewarding things is to get good deals, that are nice, in perfect condition, the best of all without having to break the pig, so when I learned about this online store Thredup I did not think twice!

I mean … why spend so much money when we have the option to save a few dollars right?

On the ThredUp store, you can get brands like Kate Spade, ALDO, Asos, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. And the best? A super good price!

Most of the things you are going to get on this site have a 90% discount concerning the original price.

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