Google Adsense VS Affiliate Marketing which one is best

Google Adsense VS Affiliate Marketing
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Let’s Now See Google Adsense Vs. Affiliate Marketing Which is the Best and Why?

For a decade ago, business was everything, it was just offline, or direct marketing after that internet comes and make everything online.

Now, we have to agree that “online” blog becomes a business platform to make money. No boss, no assistant. You are everything

Now let’s talk about Google AdSense vs. Affiliate Marketing There are many sources to online make money. Among all, these two are the predominant sources of income through the Internet.

However, I am not giving you any false message that you quickly make money online through these types of sources.

Many players still struggle to make money online, while many bloggers make millions of dollars online.

It does not have authority over nightlife blogs. Even if you are initially, you can use micro niche As a blogger, you can use both sources to make money online.

Some decision-making factors make a difference in online money. They are here

  1. Traffic on the website or blog
  2.  Niche or ad relevance
  3.  And Real Audience

Also, you have to know the strategy to fulfill these decision making factors for making online money.

For more detailed information, continue reading this article. I’m sure this article will be beneficial for you to understand which one is best to affiliate marketing or AdSense

Now, let’s take a closer look at these two sources of making money online – Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.


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Google Adsense – A quick and general view on this topic

Google Adsense VS Affiliate Marketing


Google Adsense is an online ad placement service where you will be paid per click or impression by placing these ads on your web pages.

This is the online service offered by the famous digital giant Google. This program provides an easy-to-use process to get things done. You must sign up for AdSense on the site you want to advertise. Contrary to approval, Google allows you to display relevant ads on your pages, and you can trust wherever you feel.

The ad banner is a vital decision-making factor to increase the rate through your impressions or clicks. You can place banner ads in the sidebar, header, footer, or top of the comments box.

Google offers awesome banner ads. Your ad content may look like text, image, or video. It’s awe-inspiring

when you apply for Adsense account, Google will review your website if Google thinks your site is not spammy or duplicate content or any other activity which google doesn’t like they will approve your account

Google Adsense is the best source for boosting beginners to earn some money. Thus, they can get more into their deep tactics to increase their gains.

In short, Google Adsense allows you to make money quickly and securely.

Here Are The Pros Of Google Adsense

  • You can make money from ad impressions and clicks as soon as you get approved.
  • It does not require any online marketing skills any beginners can make money.
  • Do not worry about choosing a niche or finding top-selling products,
  • There is no need to sell any product, or you do not need to convince your visitors for buying anything.
  • You have to focus on having an impressive website with informative and quality content, bringing high traffic.

Here Are The Cons Of Google Adsense

  • You have to trust one and only Google.
  • You have to follow the AdSense rules.
  • Even after approval, Google can ban your account at any time while violating the Google AdSense rules.
  • Try not to annoy your visitors with your ads; then you will be losing your traffic and hence your earnings.

Affiliate Marketing – A Quick, Well Detailed Overview


Well, unlike Google AdSense, many affiliate marketing companies offer programs to make money online. It is not the fact that Google does not support affiliate marketing or prejudices in ranking these websites with affiliate marketing links. Do not panic.

Instead, Google recommends that you have affiliate marketing links in well-authorized blogs.

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote other people’s online products through your blog or web pages. Here, you can choose any of the third-party products as a niche and expand online to get commission against successful selling as your link redirects.

There are many affiliate marketing programs like Amazon, ClickBank, Maxbounty and more. With these websites of affiliate marketing, you can make money.

It’s a bit simple to get into affiliate marketing by signing up for any affiliate marketing program or e-commerce tycoons. Even you can directly do business with the store whose product you will be marketing.

After successful registration, you can start promoting their products on your website using your affiliate links. You just have your own a website or blog with quality content related to the product.

You have to keep your site active by feeding people with all sorts of information related to the niche. You have to talk about it often and involve your visitors.

Once you create trust and hope among users, they can click the affiliate link on your page after reading your articles. Then you can redirect them to the merchant’s website and thus lead to the purchase or sale. So you will be earning money depending on the commission percentage for the specific sale of the product.

In the dispute of Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing does, who wins?

  • The Points in Affiliate Marketing Favor.
  • You can choose a niche you just love to write on it.
  • You can roughly calculate the gains of your sell products,
  • The rent will be full and paid for years. This is a source of money for a long time.
  • You can become a part of the network of blogs and create relationships with peoples.

A large number of companies offers affiliate programs and provides training, workshops, marketing materials to help you in any way.

Here’s a unique advantage, no one can forbid or prevent you from promoting and thus making money online.

That’s all now you can select which one is better affiliate marketing vs. Google Adsense

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