How to choose hot product to sell on internet 2019

hot product to sell on the Internet
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Knowing how to choose a hot product to sell on Internet is one of the biggest challenges that new e-commerce entrepreneurs are facing.

There are many choices, often new businesses owner are left, they do not know where to go.

Have you ever experienced such things?

The question is about choosing a niche market is so common that I often receive dozens of emails weekly on that subject. I am going to write a few more articles on this subject, but I think it’s always worth talking about.

Tips on how to choose the hot product to sell on the Internet.

If you are looking to know how to select the hot product to sell on the internet, below list will be very useful for you.

we’ve put together tips to help you sell this challenge.

Tips are efficient and can take you to get to the dream product. Check below!

1 – Analyze your hobbies and passions

hot product to sell on the Internet

If you’re at stake and you have no idea what to sell on the Internet, I suggest you start by investigating some of your hobbies. Maybe you have some habit or passion which can turn into the potential or a profitable business.

Bodybuilding, music, motoring, decoration, crafts Does it bring you happiness and satisfaction with which it will not be wonderful to work daily?
Bodybuilding, music, motoring, decoration, crafts … All of this can become a business. Take a piece of paper and make a short list of some of the things you enjoy doing.

2 – Is this a potentially attractive market?

Among the topics you have listed, one or two will undoubtedly draw your attention – now is the time to check whether these niches are among the top seller in e-commerce.
Currently, the top 10 segments, according to the numbers of e-commerce,

  1. Phones / Cell Phones
  2. Home appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Computing
  5. House and decoration
  6. Fashion and accessories
  7. Health, cosmetics & perfumery
  8. Sports and leisure
  9. Food and drinks
  10. Automotive accessories

Is your niche among those? Great. If it’s not, then there’s no reason to give up. Let’s keep investigating.

3 – Finding a Micro Niche

One of the secrets of how to choose the hot product to sell on the Internet is to select a niche market in e-commerce. Note that in the list above, the topics are markets and not micro niches. But what does that mean?

It means you need to be more specific. It’s no use creating a business to sell “Fashion and accessories” … What types of clothes will be marketed? More expensive or cheaper? For men or women? For children or adults?

Within each of these niches, there are several micro-niches, and it is fundamental to identify yours. The maximum part of your business makes secure communication with your customers.

Some examples of market niches to explore:

  • Niche: Home and Decoration Micro niche: Home office furniture
  • Niche: Sports and Recreation Micro niche: Products for surfers
  • Niche: Food and Beverage Micro niche: Beers

4 – Is there a demand for these products?

Another tip for those who are looking to know how to choose the hot product to sell on the Internet is finding out if there is a significant demand for this product, to the point of justifying and monetizing the business.

Looking at everything from a more commercial perspective, we need to understand now if the products of this micro niche have demand. To do this, start by entering the Google keyword planner.

Through it, you can do free searches on various terms that are searched on Google. From this, you will understand better if your products are examined on the internet if there is a real demand for them.

Once you open the planner, start searching for terms in your market. For example: “handmade beer Colorado”, “male social shirt”, “fender guitar”, “frozen kettles in Campinas” etc.
Regarding the volume of searches, there is not an ideal number that we are looking for – a product with more than 500 monthly searches already shows that it has good demand and maybe it can be exploited!

5 – Some features of the hot product to sell on internet

If all previous topics have confirmed the idea that your product is a good product for e-commerce, do not get excited, Before you need to make sure that you will not have logistical complications.

Did you know that the post office is almost a career used by nearly all e-commerce, has a list of prohibited products?
Well, if your product is toxic, perishable, bulky or too heavy, or even have any feature that is vetoed by the Post Office, your life will be very complicated.

That is because if you want to continue with the idea, you will have to go after a specific carrier, and this usually has a considerable cost.

In addition to material attributes such as size and weight, we also have other market features that always look great in retail business:

  • Balanced competition, neither too much nor too little
  • Recurrence, the customer will have to buy again
  • High added value
  • Low cubic volume, saves storage space
  • Exclusivity

6 – Is this product scalable?

Lastly, I want you to stop for a moment to reflect: does this product have scalability? Can it withstand high market demand?

I’m asking this because there is no use having an incredible demand for an incredible product if, in the end, you can only produce one piece per week.
This can happen if your product is self-made, but it can also be a problem if your suppliers have difficulty keeping these products in stock.

In the first case, evaluate your production capacity and understand what resources would be needed to increase this volume if demand grows in your e-commerce.

In the second situation, always seek to be in contact with more than one supplier. Do not become a “hostage” to any supply company.

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