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how to start a successful blog in 2019

how to start a successful blog
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how to start a successful blog – Check the Tips
Knowing how to start a successful blog is essential for anyone who wants to make real money in this field.

Today the market is demanding and professionalized, and there is more space for amateurism.

You can not make a mistake when you are creating a blog and skip the planning step. I agree that the operational part is far more enticing than the planning side, but without it, your chances of success are quite small.

If you’ve already created a blog In the general enthusiasm of those people starting this business, and then, You had to make everything in the front, you know well what I’m talking about.

To help those who are thinking about setting up a blog, whether it be to make money or to be used as a tool for their personal and professional marketing strategy, we have created this roadmap on how to start a successful blog.

7 steps for how to start a successful blog

The planning will take into account a primary blog, but keep in mind that each project has particularities that involve the target audience and their availability, both time and financial resources.

1 – Define what is the purpose of your blog

how to start a successful blog

The first step for anyone who is interested in how to start a successful blog is to set your goal. Create your blog to make money from it, promote your professional image or purely for fun?

I ask this because several steps forward relate to blogs that aim to generate revenue, but if your goal is different, don’t worry because the dynamics are practically the same.

If your goal is to make money, then you should think very well about each of the aspects listed below, especially those focused on blog monetization, that is, the tools to make money from it.

2 – Define the audience of your blog

how to start a successful blog

If you want to know how to start a successful blog, know that key of elements in this step is to get to know your target audience very well, so you should devote special attention to that part.

Search for tools like Google Planner and define we call it Marketing, that is the profile of audience you want to reach your blog.

Set, for example, age range, gender, primary Internet access devices, interests and everything else you can. Understanding your audience, the chances of success of your blog will be much higher.

3 – Analyze the competition

how to start a successful blog

Another real cat leaps matter of how to start a successful blog is to do an analysis of the competition that you will face.

Once you’ve defined your target audience, it’s time to take a competitive analysis to get an idea of what is working and what is not working in the segment where you intend to act.

Below we list some questions that will undoubtedly help you a lot in understanding the niche market where you intend to start your business and give you a more professional view of its operation.

  • Identify which are the top reference blogs in the segment where you intend to work to serve as a parameter for your planning.

  • See in tools like Alexa, Ahref, Semrush, On how much and where from that traffic came;

  • Also check, on which keyword of the competitor is the ranking, and along with information about traffic, create your own ranking of relevance;

  • Discover and analyze the articles of greatest prominence in these blogs, either by the criterion of number of views or by the rule of score attributed by the visitors;

  • Try to identify how often you publish on each of these blogs, to get an idea of what your content production pace should be;

  • Make honest and unfair criticism from the list of points where you believe these blogs are wrong and what can be better;

  • Identify which affiliate programs and other tools these blogs are using to monetize their content.

Make other questions that make sense to the niche in which you will work. This research is fundamental, because through it you will feel the “climate” of the blog niche in which you will act, and undoubtedly many ideas will arise.

4 – Define the domain of the blog

how to start a successful blog

One of the secrets of how to create a successful blog is to choose the domain of the blog very well to help in the dissemination. Another step in the process of how to plan a blog is to select the domain, as it not only has the role of assigning an identity to your blog,

it is also responsible for your exposure on the response pages of search engines such as Google, for example.
Try to choose a name that immediately refers to the content that your blog addresses and try to enter your main keyword in the domain.

This will significantly help your Google Placement. Here’s how to register your domain in the article below.

5 – Choose a good hosting provider

how to start a successful blog

After Chose domain, it’s time to think of a hosting provider for your blog. This is a super important step in this process of planning a blog because it will be your hosting provider that will guarantee the stability of your site.

Assess the various options available in the market always think in terms of medium term, counting on the growth of your number of accesses.

Do not be fooled by miraculous promises such as “unlimited hosting” and other pitfalls that we always see on the Internet.

6 – Define your content.

how to start a successful blog

This is the cat’s true leap in how to start a successful blog. The content of your blogs soul, so it is the most critical part of the whole project.

At the competitive analysis stage you should already have noted some topics that are successful in other blogs in your niche, so if you want to know what to write on your Meg, what do you think of starting with these subjects? It’s kind of obvious, did you think?

Caprice in the research on what you are going to write, put external references and also do an excellent job of optimizing the keywords – SEO, for which you would like to be rank on Google.

Content of other blogs? No way! If you go around copying the content of other blogs, you’re committing two gross sins, dishonesty and duplicate content.

7 – Decide which monetization is right for your niche

how to start a successful blog

Now that you already know the key steps of how to start a successful blog, it’s time to think about monetization, ways to make money from it. Affiliate marketing vs. Adsense in your competition review, you should already have listed the top monetization channels, correct?

It’s time to create your AdSense account or affiliate programs. In the case of Google AdSense, the thing is quiet, because Google itself contextualizes the ads according to the content of the page.

The monetization of websites with affiliate programs requires great care because you need to insert ads that are aligned with the content of your blog. Running away from this line is a sure path to low conversion of your ads.

Notice that I placed last in the list of our step by step how to plan a blog the question of monetization, which for many people, should be in the top position of this article.
This did not happen by chance since one of the main tips for you to create a successful blog is to not think exclusively about the financial issue.

Think of quality first and feedback will be a consequence. To make money from a blog, you must first stand out for excellence.

Now that you know the step by step how to start a successful blog and make good money with it, did you get more excited? Top to face this challenge? Keep up-to-date on this and other issues regarding blogging and other online businesses by subscribing to our Newsletter.

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