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How to Make money by selling products and services on Amazon

Whether you were stay-at-home with the parent, or an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who is just looking for a new way to make money, on the Internet and Amazon, in particular, offer here are many fresh ideas to make money online.

Here at HotProducts.info, it’s a well-known website, we’re Amazon’s fans and we think that Amazon gives not just one or two ways to make money, we have count 25 legitimate ways to make money using only Amazon.

This list does not only include our favorite method of making money from Amazon, which is your brand. It also shows how anyone, no matter what their skill set, can make money using Amazon. Of course, if you’re involved in learning more about privet Label with Amazon, don’t stop reading this article.


Make Money Using Amazon

1 – Sale of used books on Amazon.

For someone who is starting on Amazon and wants to sell physical products, selling used books is a great way to get started.

The first and most common way is to scan used books with your cell phone. Most of these “books readers” will have an application on the phone that tells them if the book has any value.

You can also buy wholesale books.

That’s how I started with Amazon. I went to the garage sales, sales of libraries, bookstores and real estate sales to buy books by the hundreds.

So I scoured the books to find “hidden gems. ” There are a few various methods of doing this too.

Another of my favorite methods of selling books was with online arbitrage.

I find the cheap books in an online market and review them on Amazon.

I still do a bit of this until today.

If you are interested in learning more, Join now and become part of the Online International Seller.


Make Money Using Amazon

2 – Retail Arbitrage on Amazon.

The important news this year is that Toys R Us is closing. That means they will have many “off the market”sales. And arbitrage dealers are coming into force looking for deals to resell on eBay and Amazon.

A popular and old method of making money, retail arbitrage or retail arbitrage is where you go to original retail stores and look for discounted products to resell online.

I’ve always found that retail arbitrage was a lot of work for tiny margins, but if you know how to mine it, you can get as much as $ 300,000 in revenue.

So as a method of making money from Amazon, it is not the best, but I guarantee, you will get hooked, even more, if you live in the United States.

That’s why I prefer the online version I teach Online International Seller.


Make Money Using Amazon

3 – Amazon Online Arbitrage.

Similar to direct arbitrage, online arbitrage is all about finding cheap products at a place to resell at Amazon.

However, the big difference is how you buy the products.

Online arbitration is all about online deals.

You can use eBay, Target.com, Craigslist, and Facebook to mine your products.

You might even find products on Amazon to resell on Amazon.

This method is known as arbitrage.

It works as a way to make money from Amazon because you are buying products sold by FBM vendors and reselling these products as an Amazon-authorized (FBA) vendor.

Textbooks are perfect for selling arbitrage because of the significant price difference between FBA and FBM. I think these students need their books quickly!



4 – Make Money Dropshipping.

Direct shipping is a method of promoting and selling the products of other suppliers without actually keeping any stock.

The way it works is simple. First, you set up a direct shipping contract with another company, usually a manufacturer or distributor.

So, you list products on the Amazon. Till will be sold, you contact the vendor and informs you that a deal has was made. They will ship this product on your behalf.

For the customer, it looks like the product came from you, despite coming from another vendor. And the best part of everything, it’s legitimate. Businesses encourage this because it’s like free publicity to them.

But I’m sure you’re querying, how do I make money out of it?

The money you make is the price difference between how much you charge for the product and what you pay to the supplier. Here are several methods to do this, but one of our favorite ways to find products is within Aliexpress, which is part of the Alibaba network.

BUT BE CAREFUL! There is a correct way to do Dropshipping on Amazon, and within International Online Seller I show in detail how you can do …


Make Money Using Amazon

5 – Sell collectible items at Amazon.

That is another type that falls into the categories of online arbitrage and retail arbitrage, on the ways to make money using only Amazon.

Collectibles are a unique area as it requires a lot more experience.

There are many different collectible categories to devote to on Amazon as well.

You can sell old comic books, board games, coins, and even sports memorabilia.

Just make sure you understand Amazon policies in many of these collectible categories before you participate.

You can learn more about closed categories on International Online Seller.


Make Money Using Amazon

6 – Wholesale products on Amazon.

Finally, as a way to get money from Amazon selling the products of other companies, the wholesale is the king.

The wholesale is when you buy lots, containers or just large stocks of products to resell on Amazon.

While it is the most engaging, compared to some of the other methods I mentioned the wholesale is one of the ways to sell millions of products faster on Amazon.


Make Money Using Amazon

7 – Handmade products sell on Amazon.

Many people know that Etsy is a great place to list your handmade products online. But did you know that another way to get money from your products is to sell them on Amazon?

That’s right; Amazon has its craft product platform.

It works in many ways, like the other methods of product listing, “create your own products” described in this post. And usually, you will own and sell these products on your own.

But as you’re selling on Amazon, you’ll be exposed to a much larger audience than usual. Remember, Amazon has about 2.4 billion people visiting the US website every month.

I hope you’re ready to start producing these homemade goodies!


Make Money Using Amazon

8 – Develop a branded product to sell on Amazon.

Private label is the process of researching profitable niches products on Amazon, outsourcing these products through Alibaba, creating your listing to launch these products.

It is like a cross between wholesale and artisanal.

All you have to do is have creativity and have an existing product as your brand.

And it’s insane how easy this is to do!

80% of Amazon’s top sellers, who earn seven digits or more each year, are all private label sellers.

So if you are interested in taking an online business to the next level, you should check out the Private Label:

In our opinion, own branding is not only the best way to get money using Amazon, but we are sure that this is the best way to make money in the online period.

And it’s a method that we cover extensively in Private Label training.


Make Money Using Amazon

9 – Write ebooks and sales on Amazon.

My second favorite method of making money on Amazon is writing e-books?

I recently read a post by James Altucher talking about a guy who earns $ 40,000 a month writing nonfiction books for Amazon.

All he does is direct the main topics, write an e-book of 70 to 100 pages on that topic and launch it. And while not every book he writes is a big success, 20% of those he publishes make up 80% of his income.


Make Money Using Amazon

10 – Make product photos for Amazon vendors.

Every product that goes up on Amazon needs photos of the product. And while we’ve already shown that Amazon’s brand sales are super comfortable, what we do mention is that some of the marketing stuff will require professional help.

But if you already have photography tips and know what you’re doing, you can easily earn a living by taking pictures of other products from sellers.

There are many platforms that you can do this.

The best thing to offer your services is the Jungle Market, Which will be configured for Amazon vendors.


Make Money

11 – Offer graphic design work to Amazon vendors.

Another way to make money from Amazon is by offering graphic design work to Amazon Private Label vendors.

Design work can include making logos, designing packaging, or even making infographics for branded content.

Not everyone is a genius with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or Sketch, so if you have these skills, this is another excellent service to offer.

Make money

12 – Assist with translation for Amazon seller products.

Amazon sellers often branch out of the US market into the European Union, India and sometimes even into China.

However, the only barrier that prevents many of these sellers from leaping is that they do not know how to speak the English language.

If you are bilingual and understand a bit about writing a sales copy, you may be able to offer your services as a translator for Amazon seller products.


Make money

13 – Write a Copy of Amazon seller product listings.

Speaking of writing copy, it is not anyone who can write persuasive descriptions of products.

It takes a real professional with years of experience to do that.

And if you’re one of those people who knows how to write great sales copy, this is another way to help Amazon salespeople.


If you combine this with consulting services and perform split testing for sellers using a function like Split, you can easily make good money.

Make money

14 – Create videos for Amazon seller product listings.

Customers love videos

That’s why many Amazon sellers want to make cool videos.

However, video work can be challenging to do.

Fortunately, there are ways to find professionals who can create videos.


Make Money

15 – Offer consulting services to Amazon vendors.

Maybe you’re already an experienced Amazon salesperson?

Why not sell what you know too?

We found that one of the most significant difficulties, which prevents so many people from getting on Amazon to make money, is that they are afraid to take the first step.

They want a coach to hold their hand.

If you’ve already made a big leap and have some war stories to tell and encourage, why not offer your services as a consultant?

You may even be able to combine the other ways to get money selling services to create a holistic practice.


Make Money

16 – Help Amazon sellers with digital marketing.

What if you are not a coach or some person of numbers/analysis?

Do not worry! You can also help people with your digital marketing.

Amazon PPC is probably the best way to sell your brand products, but you need to be an expert in SEO and digital marketing to use it well.

And if this is an area you dominate, why not offer to help others Amazon sellers that are just getting started?

Review e-books for Amazon authors.

As I wrote above, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling books you write on Amazon. For many, writing is difficult.

And writing this type of volume may not be the easiest way to get money using Amazon.

However, if you are someone who likes to read more than writing and can quickly point out mistakes, why not become a proofreader for Amazon authors?


Make Money

18 – Create e-book covers for Amazon authors.

Going back to the idea of graphic design listing, you can also offer e-book cover creation services for authors.

A great cover can leverage the sale, just as a poorly made cover can destroy an e-book. So a great cover brings a great price.

And if you can create 3D digital models, you really will be a star for Amazon authors.

That is potentially another service you can offer


Make Money

19 – Sell web designs, themes services.

Did you know that to register your brand on Amazon, do you need a fully functional website?

That is a rather scary concept to be considered by many Amazon vendors, since creating websites is not something that any layman can do.

But if you have some web development skills or know a bit of WordPress – or even if you know how to create something super simple as a Shopify page, then setting up a webpage could be another creative service you can offer to the community. Amazon. Other ways to get money from Amazon


Make Money

20 – Join Amazon’s affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising products from other companies with unique links and earning commissions when buyers buy based on your link.

One of the most significant affiliate programs is on Amazon.

The Amazon affiliate program is a great way to make money using Amazon.

All you have to do is become an influencer.

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, create a blog or a social media account and start generating traffic to Amazon with your affiliate links.

Once people buy the things you’ve recommended (and even if they buy things which may not be supported), you’ll get a share of that sale.


Make Money

21 – Buy discount products at Amazon and resell on eBay.

This kind of work works the reverse for Amazon sellers, but you can find deals on Amazon to then resell on eBay.

These offers you can find through lightning offers on Amazon or promotional websites.

As a bonus, you can use a site like Keepa to help you find deals.

That shows step-by-step on International Online Seller.


Make Money

22 – Win a $ 10 gift card from Amazon.

There are search sites all over the web that pay you on Amazon gift cards.

All you have to do is go to the site and enter your data and follow the instructions.

Believe it or not, many people survive just by finding deals like these to collect gift cards and buy everyday things from Amazon.

While it is not necessarily a way to start a real business with Amazon, it is undoubtedly a way to get money.

Make Money

23 – Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Another business I’ve seen a few times on eBay are the sellers who list Amazon’s brand products on eBay for a very high price.

Once the sale is made, they place the order of the product on Amazon for the buyer.

And then they make the difference between the product sold on Amazon and what they sold on eBay.

It is an easy way to do business and ensures that high-quality products will be delivered quickly.

That works if people are willing to pay more for some products – things you can not imagine – why not try it out?


Make Money24 – Work for Amazon as a Mechanical Turk.

Did you know that Amazon offers part-time jobs to people who pretend to be machines?

That’s it! As part of the Mechanical Turk program, Amazon will pay you to do the processes that many people think are done by machines.

That includes image and video processing, data verification and cleaning, information gathering, and data processing.

It is a straightforward job, and everything can do it in the comfort of your own home.

make money

25 – Exchange your iPhone or otherĀ used items on Amazon for gift certificates.

Finally, another way to make money using Amazon is just by giving them your old things.

That includes your cell phone too!

And if you bought these items from Amazon, they may already have an offer waiting for you.

Just go to the Amazon swap page and see what you can get.


As you can see, there are several cool ways to make money using Amazon.

And since you now have this impressive list, you can easily find one that best suits your needs.

If you know other fresh ways to get money from Amazon or have questions about some of the methods listed here, leave a comment below.

And selling on Amazon is easy, especially when you have the right tools.


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