where to sell used clothes 14 best place

sell used clothes
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where to sell used clothes 14 best place

Did you know that selling used clothing is an increasingly common activity to earn extra money, but it is also good for those who want to save a few Dollars
And if I told you that you can also recover some of the invested money?

When the new season comes, and you are gonna buy new clothes, and you see in the closet it is already full of old clothes you realize that you have not used much of your clothes.

And also, you don’t have space for the rest of your clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags.

Perhaps the time has come to get rid of what you no longer use and only keep space in for your new closet.

Why sell used clothes online?

You will find all solution in this article:

You need more space in your closet, and this is an excellent way to get rid of what you’re no longer used clothes, you do not like anymore, you aren’t the longer worth theme or your clothes of another season, but your clothes should be in good condition.

You can recover part of the investment, which converts into earning extra money. It contributes to the care of the environment because it is recycling clothes.

Why do people buy second-hand clothes?

The main reason why people buy second-hand clothes is: to save money.

Peoples can find exciting offers. The prices of used clothing are lower than a new cloth on stores, and that products are in good condition.

Where to sell used clothes?

To sell used clothes, you have several options: traditional street markets, internet stores, and several websites.

Sell used clothing on the Internet.

As I was saying, it’s increasingly common for people to buy and sell used clothes on the internet. There is an excellent variety of websites where you can sell it the advantage of you can selling used clothes, you can sell them from home you don’t need to go outside.

How do they work?

The process is very similar in all the websites of selling used clothes.

  1. You create your profile on the web or app.
  2. Take some photos of what you want to sell (a dress, shoes, bag, etc.).
  3. Write description

In some of these websites or applications, you will have to pay a commission for each sale. Others they will be responsible for the collecting and delivery of the product. There are also some that are destined only for luxury items. There is something for everyone!

Next, we will see some of the websites where you can start selling your used clothes


sell used clothes

eBay is the reference website in which you can find any second-hand product. The largest buying and selling site on the internet brings together buyers and sellers in one place to exchange all kinds of items.

Of course, clothes are no exception. Of “clothing, footwear, and accessories” part of eBay is very wide and receives millions of visits all day, so unless through the direct selling option or through an auction, you can sell clothes in the blink of an eye. eyes


sell used clothes

This store offers used clothes products and its difference with other sites is that while other used clothing stores focus exclusively on luxury brands, ThredUp makes online clothing sales accessible to the average person.


sell used clothes

This used products store includes a robust selection. The site also offers purchase protection, which guarantees a refund if your order never arrives or does not match the items you ordered.
You can buy with Poshmark online or through a mobile application ISO and Android.


This used product store takes luxury shipping to the next level with authenticity inspections for each design item made by an in-house team of garment exports.

The site also offers special offers to First Look members, including monthly promotions and early access to sales for an additional $ 10 per month. By consigning your own items on the site, you can also generate money for purchases.

The site also offers special offers to First Look members, including monthly promotions and early access to sales for an additional $ 10 per month. By consigning your own items on the site, you can also generate money for purchases.


sell used clothes

This shop offers classic and modern looks with a great design.
The cost of dresses starts at $ 9.99, and women love the design and products of the store.


sell used clothes

This store specializes in dresses for formal events.
Prices start at $ 8 and also offer accessories, shoes and a variety of dresses for women.


sell used clothes

This online store offers new clothes with excellent design and accessories.
Almost nothing cost in the store more than 40 dollars. They offer accessories and new clothes for women. Dress prices start at $ 18.

One Love Babe

sell used clothes

It is an online boutique full of feminine pieces with a touch of class.
Their prices start at $ 20. They offer mostly women’s products, such as shoes and accessories, as well as some children’s clothing. They also have a permanent assortment of baby shoes.


It is a used clothing store with a large assortment of garments. The clothes purchased in Swap can be packaged in a single shipment. All orders will also be sent in one business day.
They have an extensive offer at very affordable prices.


sell used clothes

This site sells used clothes and accessories. However, it is an excellent site for ladies who are looking for great design products for a portion of their original price.
It can be accessed online or through the Tradesy application. Items can be returned to the site, as long as the request is placed within four days of the order that is received.


On this site, you can buy items published by sellers or directly exchange items with other Vinted users just for the cost of shipping the items. You can access the site online or through the mobile application.


sell used clothes

This used clothing and accessories site offers designer and vintage options for elegant ladies looking to improve their wardrobe. And most listings include personal stories of sellers about the items they are selling.


sell used clothes

We could not finish the list without talking about the popular mobile application Wallapop, which now also allows chatting between buyers and sellers from their website. With a good ad and excellent photographs, your clothes will fly from your closet to your buyer’s closet in a few clicks.

In the case of Wallapop, the fact of being able to make the delivery in hand brings confidence to the buyers, since they will be able to check the condition of the garment before paying it.

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